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Book Title: RUN To FINISH "...they do it to obtain a corruptible Crown; but we an incorruptible"

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Run To Finish:

"It is obvious that what Nnanna Udeh, has to say about the Christian race comes from the heart of a man with a deep revelation about the Christian life..."

Special Assistant to the General Overseer
Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Region 6, Nigeria

* "Nnanna, in this jay-walking journey, carries you along by the Spirit of God, and shows you all the possibilies that will potentially fire you up for a successful race..."

JAMES M. JUDGE, Sports Promoter
San Jose, California - USA

* "I read this book and found it "an essential material"' for anyone who is truly hungry to become a victor,"

Sports Administrator, Lagos - Nigeria

* live so as to be rewarded by God, Endurance, Concentration, Commitment and Dedication must be our guiding principles. "RUN TO FINISH" is a masterpiece that every good Christian must possess and meditate upon daily..."

Methodist Archbishop of Abuja, Nigeria

($13.99USD - S&H included in the USA)


Book Title: Dews From Heaven

What are Dews From Heaven?;

Dews From Heaven:

"When God decides to positively change a man, He releases the right Word. That means, there's always a right word for every situation you find yourself. The moment you succeed in catching the very, exact word that is directed to you - then it is a success that will launch you into a new experience, you've so much desired from the Lord. DEWS FROM HEAVEN, is Spirit - inspired Words, intimate prayers and touching scriptures that will give you the necessary push you need: spirit, soul and body. Open up your spirit, and prayerfully position yourself; this might be the right time for the right word, towards a right life."

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Conquering Your Season of Dryness - (Temporarily out of stock)

Words by the Author:

"Do you feel you've lost your hunger and passion for God? Do you feel weak feeding your spirit? Do you wake up in the morning and find you can't do those spiritual exercises that once gave you joy? Do you find yourself engaged in some funny acts, that displace the master? Do you still find yourself battle with secret sin?. Is your Christian life threatened and under-minded by a particular habitual lifestyle? Do you find yourself doing those things you vehemently preached against? Do you find yourself sincerely desiring to do do good, only to find yourself doing evil?

It is just a SEASON. Open your heart to the Spirit of God, while you read this book, and find how the little material you're holding, can be an answered prayer, for the spiritual revival you've been passionately yearning for. It will stir up your heart to willingly and whole-heartedly worship the Lord your God as you've never done before. Conquering Your Season of Dryness, will equally show you evidently, that it is possible that you can continually walk in the power, glory, and righteousness of God through the activation of the eternal life, the life of God in you. This book is so time to read!"

($12.99USD - S&H included in the USA)

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