Nnanna Udeh

"Nnanna Udeh is the President of IMPACTWORLD NETWORK; a world renowned author whose books have affected many lives around the world.

His burning vision of seeing the world look exactly the way God designed it, has led to lots of inspiring write-ups  that he contributes in most Nigerian Newspapers and on the Internet, which indeed have been a blessing to the world.

Upon his belief that a people who are empowered naturally and supernaturally are not idle, but practically impact their world through love,  Nnanna Udeh partners with evangelical ministries, multi-national missionary agencies and International organizations to alleviate the challenges of humanitarian crises we face in the world today.

His special programmes for the missionaries who are in the field of labour have affected many."

For more information on his books, ministry or to inquire about his calendar for speaking engagements, connect with him on FaceBook or email him @ nnannajesus@yahoo.com


Join his networking page on Facebook:

1 Million People Who Want To Positively Impact The World With Their Talents


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