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Press Release - Nnanna's Latest Book;

         "Becoming A World Changer"
                  Is now available!

"Some books enlighten us, some books inspire us, and some books challenge us to expand our understanding of who we are and who we can become. [This book] does all three.... It simply surpasses all other books in the field, but more importantly, it expands our understanding of humanitarianism, of ourselves and our potential." Dr. Paula A. Sanford, IL, USA

"For you, if you had died yesterday, what would history write about you today? Just look back and see how much you’ve received from the world since your birth."

"From the wonders of procreation, to the love and care you received from your family, your community, the society and indeed the earth as a whole. Ask yourself, how much have I given back to the society of which I am a part of?"

Visit the online bookstore, to read the reviews from those who have read this inspiring, world changing book!

As a bonus, with every book order, while supplies last, receive a complimentary copy of "Dews From Heaven" as Nnanna's way of saying thanks & giving back.


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